Volunteers are truly the most important resource of the Council on Aging. The Bourne Council on Aging is fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and services. During the last fiscal year volunteers served 7,000 hours.

Our Volunteer Coordinator screens volunteer applications, conducts interviews, oversees training and directs volunteers to programs that best suit their interests and abilities. As required by Massachusetts law, all volunteer applicants must complete a CORI background check (Criminal Offense Records check).

The possibilities for volunteers are almost limitless and are not only for seniors. Community members of all ages, willing to share their special expertise, become involved with seniors or just want to help out, are welcome. There are always fulfilling opportunities for everyone. The only requirement a volunteer needs is a desire to share your time and energy.

Volunteering is a great way to become involved in your community, meet new friends and exchange ideas. It has been proven that volunteering helps to keep you young, healthy and motivated.

At the Bourne Council on Aging we are very committed to our volunteers. Each year the dedication of our volunteers is recognized at a Volunteer Appreciation event, sponsored by The Friends of the Council on Aging and often a community partner. This is an opportunity to thank our volunteers and acknowledge their achievements.