Bourne Residents and the Cape Emergency Traffic Plan

The Cape Cod Emergency Traffic Plan (CCETP) has been developed to facilitate the egress of a high volume of traffic from Cape Cod in the event of a hurricane or other potential high hazards, particularly during peak tourist season.  In order to move as many motorists off Cape as quickly as possible, traffic detours and roadway restrictions will be implemented.  These detours will affect the way Bourne residents normally access the Bourne and Sagamore Bridges.  The following information should be reviewed prior to any activation of the CCETP as it will affect the way you travel around Bourne.

Road Closures and Detours

Bourne Bridge/Bourne Rotary

In order to travel off Cape over the Bourne Bridge you must access the Bourne Rotary via the northbound lanes of Route 28 (MacArthur Boulevard).  The roads you normally travel to enter the rotary (Trowbridge Road, Sandwich Road, Veteran’s Way) will be blocked.  Residents of the villages of Bourne, Monument Beach, Pocasset, and Cataumet will have to use Waterhouse Road, Clay Pond Road, or Barlows Landing Road to Route 28 south and then use one of the crossovers to reverse direction. Traffic traveling south over the Bourne Bridge may only proceed south on Route 28, MacArthur Blvd (no access to Trowbridge Road or Sandwich Road). 

Sagamore Bridge/South Sagamore

The Sagamore Bridge heading off Cape will only be accessible via Route 6, the Mid Cape Highway.  Cranberry Highway approaching the Sagamore Bridge will be blocked at Adams Street and Ben Abbey Road.  Additional traffic control points will be established on Sandwich Road at the Adams Street and Ben Abbey Road intersections.  All vehicles wanting to travel off Cape via the Sagamore Bridge must do so via Route 6 (Mid Cape Highway), by accessing the highway at Route 130 at Exit 2 in Sandwich.


Route 3, 3A, Scenic Highway intersections

After crossing the Sagamore Bridge all traffic will be directed north on Route 3.  Local residents may access streets in Sagamore Beach, North Sagamore, and Bournedale.  There will be State Troopers manning the exit ramps and intersections allowing only local residents past the ramp systems.  Bournedale residents will have to speak with the Trooper to travel on Scenic Highway to Bournedale.  Traffic will not be allowed to travel into Buzzards Bay via the Scenic Highway.


Buzzards Bay Village
At the Buzzards Bay East Rotary, the Scenic Highway will be blocked to eastbound traffic.  A State Trooper assigned to this traffic post will allow residents living off of the Scenic Highway or in Sagamore Beach to pass.  The westbound Exit 3 into Buzzards Bay will be closed.  All traffic that has crossed the Bourne Bridge will be directed to continue west on Route 25.  If you wish to get to Buzzards Bay, you must travel to Exit 2 in Wareham, and then take Route 6 & 28 back to Buzzards Bay.

Otis Rotary - Route 28 (MacArthur Boulevard)

In order to expedite the flow of traffic traveling north on Route 28 from Falmouth and Mashpee, as well as traffic being detoured through the Mass. Military Reservation, vehicles will not be allowed to cut over from Route 28A and travel north.  To gain access to the northbound Rt 28 lanes you must drive south to Route 151, exit, and then enter back on Rt 28 north.
The Otis Rotary will be blocked for traffic entering from Route 28A and the Picture Lake area and attempting to go north on Route 28.