Local Emergency Planning Committee

Committee Members

Name Title
Edward Donoghue School Department (2015)
Phil Goddard ISWM (2015)
Joseph Gordon Barnstable County Sheriff's Department (2015)
Michael Leitzel Engineering Technician (2015)
Marc Lieber Community Rep. (2015)
Michael A. Blanton Local Elected Official (2015)
Felice Monteiro Council On Aging (2015)
Samuel Haines Environmental (2015)
Timothy Mullen Dept. of Natural Resources (2015)
Jonathan Nelson Facilities Manager (2015)
Charles Noyes Emergency Management Director (2015)
David Pelonzi Fire Department (2015)
John Pribilla Owners & Operators (2015)
David Ransom MA Maritime Academy (2015)
Joseph Reynolds Owners & Operators (2015)
Ann Marie Riley Council On Aging (2015)
George M. Sala Dept. of Public Works Director (2015)
John Stofa Community Rep. (2015)
John Stowe Police Department (2015)
Norman Sylvester Fire Chief (2015)
Dennis Woodside Chief of Police (2015)
George G. Slade Local Elected Official 2014