Open Space Committee

The Open Space Committee was formed in 1999 for the purpose of recommending acquisitions of interest in real property to be owned or managed by the Conservation Commission or other designated nonprofit organization or in the case of interests to acquire sites for future wellhead development for a Water Resource District.

The Open Space Comittee consists of 13 members appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three year staggered terms and three non-voting members: Conservation Technician, Engineering Technician and the Town Planner.

Currently there are 4 Vacancies on the Open Space Committee. If you are interested, please submit a letter to the Open Space Committee and the Board of Selectmen.


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Michael Leitzel (508) 759-0600 Ext.1347
Coreen V. Moore (508) 759-0600 Ext.1346
Samuel Haines (508) 759-0600 Ext.1344

Committee Members

Name Title
Andrew Cooney Chair (2017)
Mardi Mauney Clerk (2015)
Richard Anderson Member (2017)
Mary Gelsthorpe Member (2016)
Barry H. Johnson Member (2017)
Penny Myers Member (2015)
Leslie Perry Member (2015)
Rick Rheinhardt Member (2015)
Patrick Sweeney Member (2016)
Heather Alden
Michael McHone
Vacancy Three
Vacancy Four