Charge to the Committee

The Executive Order creating the Transportation Advisory Committee states that the committee: shall have the following responsibilities on transportation-related projects proposed by the town and others and shall include, but not limited to, highways and other roadways, rail services, bus services, shuttle services and transportation facilities.

  • To study and develop transportation improvement proposals to be presented to the federal, state and/or county agencies on behalf of the Town of Bourne.
  • To solicit input from town officials, department heads, Regional Transit Authority Committee, state and county officials, Cape Cod Commission staff, and citizens on transportation proposals to be sponsored by the Town.
  • To recommend to the Board of Selectmen transportation proposals to be sponsored by the Town, and to advocate those positions if so authorized by the Board of Selectmen.
  • To study and evaluate major transportation proposals of the United States Government, Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation & Construction, Massachusetts Highway Department, developers and other parties that directly or indirectly impact transportation in and through the Town of Bourne.