Barnstable County Dredge Subcommittee


Mission: 'to advise the county dredge program and provide a forum for communication between the county and the towns'

It is a subcommittee under the Barnstable County Coastal Management Committee (BCCMC}, Chair Heather McElroy

Created under County Ordinance 18-10

The BCCMC shall establish, but not limited to, the following Subcommittees to address the special interests and needs of the County;

•             The Barnstable County Coastal Resources Subcommittee (presently known as Barnstable County Coastal Resources Committee)

•             The Barnstable County Dredge Subcommittee (presently known as Dredge Committee)


Barnstable County Dredge Subcommittee - The Dredge Subcommittee is a technical subcommittee of town staff or other qualified representatives nominated by the Selectmen or Town Council in Barnstable, and two members nominated by the BCCMC Board, all appointed by the County Commissioners, to advise the regional dredge program.

Board Members