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The Health Department is proud to partner with the Visiting Nurse Association of Cape Cod (VNA). Under this partnership, the VNA provides public health nursing services to the Town of Bourne. Some services include communicable disease investigations and facilitating vaccination and health clinics.

The VNA of Cape Cod's goal is to provide comprehensive home health, hospice services and public health programs that enable individuals - from newborns to the elderly - to receive care in the privacy and comfort of their own homes and support through community services.

Whether visiting patients recovering from surgery or teaching patients and families how to manage acute and chronic conditions or providing care and support for a terminal illness, VNA professionals have earned a reputation for their compassionate attitude, expertise and professionalism. Their skilled team offers a wide range of services that allow patients to safely recover where they feel most comfortable, in their own home.

The increased complexity and advanced technology and treatment options for patient needs upon discharge from the hospital has required VNA staff to be skilled in complicated, high-tech care. Specially trained teams offer intravenous therapy, wound care, ostomy care, pain management, palliative and hospice care, mental health assessments, telemonitoring and maternal and child health. The VNA provides seamless coordination of care through our advanced technologies. In keeping with their mission, they are continuously expanding the scope of their services and raising the quality of care they provide.

The Health Department is currently working with the VNA to develop new programs specific to our community that will target a wider audience of the Bourne population. Current health clinics run in Bourne by the VNA are listed below:



Day of the Week




Bourne Veteran's Memorial Community Center

Blood Pressure and Wellness Clinic


ongoing weekly

9am- 10am


Bourne: Jonathan Bourne Library

Ask a Public Health Nurse Wellness Clinic


4/4/23- 6/6/23

10am- 11am


Bourne: Joint Base Cape Cod

JBCC Mom's Group


4/5/23- 6/7/23

9:30am- 10:30am


Bourne Veteran's Memorial Community Center

Cholesterol Screening Clinic



9am- 10:30am


Bourne Veteran's Memorial Community Center

Men’s Fitness


5/19/23- 6/23/23

9am- 10am


Bourne Veteran's Memorial Community Center

Walk It Our Challenge Presentation with Virginia Ela- Snowden



10am- 11am




Blood Pressure and Wellness Clinic/ Ask a PH Nurse : Come join us for weekly wellness clinics from the VNA of Cape Cod! Clinics involve an open discussion on various health and wellness topics as well as semi-private blood pressure screenings. This clinic is run by Lauren Forziati, Town Public Health Nurse.

Cholesterol Screening Clinic:  Find out your cholesterol level, what it means, and ways to help control it. Clinic is run by Lauren Forziati, Town Public Health Nurse from the VNA of Cape Cod. 

Men's Fitness:  Men’s Fitness is aimed to improve fitness and health concerns that affect men as they age. Build strength and endurance, improve balance and mobility, all while exercising your brain! Participants must be able to tolerate 60 minutes of standing exercise. This exercise program is run by an Exercise Physiologist from the VNA of Cape Cod.

Walk It Our Challenge Presentation: Are you looking to be more active? Are you interested in improving your cardiovascular fitness and improving your mood but aren’t sure where to start? Join us for this hour-long presentation from a Physical Therapist from the VNA of Cape Cod and join the 4-week walking challenge! Presentation will include information about the health benefits of walking and wellness and an open discussion period. Participants will receive a 4-week walking program to follow independently. 

JBCC Mom's Group: This is a new group program starting in April of 2023. A Maternal Child Health Nurses from the VNA of Cape Cod, will join the Bourne Library group for Mothers with children from birth to 5 years of age on Joint Base Cape Cod @ Seaside. The Maternal Child Health Nurse will act as a resource for the participants and facilitate the group on Wednesdays April 5- June 7. 


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VNA Services include: Health education Community outreach, Health screenings and immunizations, Maternal and Child Health Nursing, Town Public Health Nursing, Exercise Programs, & Communicable Disease Surveillance.

For more information, call 508-957-7423