Bourne Bridge Construction starting 9/17/23 at 11 PM!

Road restrictions will be implemented starting September 17, 2023 at 11PM.  These will remain in place 24/7 until the completion of the project.  Bourne Police will continue to regularly evaluate the impact of any restrictions or police officers assigned to determine if there is a more effective way of assisting the traffic.
As of now, the one thing we know is there will be delays in the commute.
The restrictions that are planned are as follows:
Cotuit Rd
Restricted to LOCAL ACCESS ONLY from Sandwich Rd to Trowbridge Rd and Trowbridge Rd to Waterhouse Rd
Maple St
Restricted to LOCAL ACCESS ONLY from Head of the Bay Rd to Cypress St
Veterans Way (STATE HIGHWAY)
CLOSED TO SOUTHBOUND TRAFFIC (that is vehicles travelling from Sandwich Rd to Trowbridge Rd)
NORTHBOUND traffic will still be able to use the road to travel from Trowbridge Rd to Sandwich Rd
All roadway restrictions have been reported by MassDOT to Google (Waze), Apple Maps, and Tom Tom.  Officers observing violations of the closure on Veterans Way will be issuing citations for the violations.
Busses will have access to both Cotuit Rd and Maple St; however, since Veteran’s Way is a State Highway, that SOUTHBOUND closure is in effect for all vehicles.
Officers from either BPD or MSP will also be positioned, based upon availability, at the following locations and times:
  • Sandwich Rd @ UCT // 7A-11A & 2P-6P M-F
  • Belmont Circle (CVS Rotary) @ Head of the Bay Rd  // 7A-11A & 2P-6P M-F
We will also have officers assisting with the release of busses from BHS/BIS/BMS at the end of the day onto Trowbridge Rd.