PRESS RELEASE: Bourne Select Board Supports Paul Shastany, Interim Director of Police Services

Director of Police Services

TO:        All Media

From:    Bourne Board of Selectmen

Subject:  Director of Police Services

Date:     October 9, 2021

PRESS RELEASE:  Bourne Select Board Supports Paul Shastany, Interim Director of Police Services

At an emergency meeting late Friday afternoon, the Bourne Select Board unanimously authorized the Acting Town Administrator to draft a position description for an Interim Director Police Services position for the Bourne Police Department.   The need for this action came about earlier in the week after Bourne Town Counsel Robert Troy determined that the hiring of Paul Shastany was not strictly in accordance with the Town Charter.  The Board vote will address this technicality and Mr. Shastany can continue in the same role he has played over the past year. 

Tim King, the Acting Town Administrator will work with Paul Shastany, and Town Counsel, Robert Troy to craft a position description and an extension to Mr. Shastany’s Employment Agreement that complies with the Town Charter.  This Agreement would run until a new Police Chief is hired or June 30, 2022.

The hiring of a new Bourne Police Chief is delayed as the Town had voted to authorize Special Legislation to remove the position from Civil Service.  That legislation is currently under consideration at the State House in Boston.  The Town will actively recruit for a new Police Chief once the legislation is passed and signed by Governor Baker.  That should occur in early 2022.

Mr. Shastany was hired in January 2021 by Anthony Schiavi, the prior Town Administrator.  Mr. Shastany is a long-serving Massachusetts Police Chief who retired from Braintree in 2019 after 43 years of distinguished service.   He is regarded as an expert in community policing and officer mentoring. 

However, a provision in state law precludes any person 65 over from being appointed a Police Chief.  Mr. Shastany is 67 and could not be appointed as Bourne’s Police Chief.  The law would not apply to an Interim Director of Police Services who doesn’t wear a police uniform, doesn’t carry a firearm, and doesn’t have power of arrest. 

Mr. Shastany spoke to the Board on Friday.  He stated that his only objectives were to make the Bourne Police Department better and to serve the people of the Town of Bourne.  He said he believes he has made many improvements in the department and hopes to continue to make even more.  He would like to continue to serve the Town until a new Police Chief is hired. 

During the public meeting each of the Board members expressed their support for Mr. Shastany’s performance as Interim Director of Police Services over the past nine months.  Several members of the Bourne Police Department were present at the Board Meeting and expressed their satisfaction with Mr. Shastany’s work with the department.  They were concerned that the Charter controversy would prevent that work from continuing.  

By their action on Friday afternoon that will no longer be the case.  Mr. Shastany will continue to work as Interim Director of Public Services.  Town Counsel Troy stated that the new documents will be ready for the Board to review and approve by early next week.