Online Payment Center

Do not pay water bills here.  There are three water districts, Bourne Water District, North Sagamore Water District, and Buzzards Bay Water District.  Please contact them directly.

**Please be aware that interest, fees and/or penalties will not be waived if the website is inoperable for any reason or if data entry errors
occur. If the website is inoperable, payments can be made by mail or at the Collector’s Office.

**Any payments returned to us as unpaid are subject to the statutory penalty as outlined in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 60, § 57A.   The penalty is 1% of the face value if the check with a minimum of $25.00. If the insufficient funds check was in payment of a tax bill, and if payment due date has passed, interest and all other applicable fees will be charged to the account. The Department for which the check was originally intended will be notified of the Insufficient Funds relating to the service they provided.