Joint Base Cape Cod

Military Civilian Community Council

The purpose of the Military Civilian Community Council is to provide a forum to exchange information about the municipalities that are primary stakeholders on Joint Base Cape Cod. Meetings are generally conducted once per month at the Welcome Center.

In addition to the ongoing events that take place on JBCC that may affect activities in the neighboring towns, the representatives of the towns and other entities in Southeast Massachusetts inform the council of activities that have a regional impact. By sharing ideas and information, the mission is to foster a solid understanding among the surrounding municipalities, Barnstable County, and JBCC.

Joint Base Cape Cod is host to many traditional military units as well as state agencies. It has open acreage and available support that has potential as a regional training area serving federal, state, county and local municipal agencies.

Board Members

Name Title
George G. Slade, Jr. Military Civilian Community Council