Moorings & Waterways

Why The Wait Lists?

There is a Town-wide moratorium on the number of boats we allow moored in our waters, whether by anchor or dock, and that is further broken down to a moratorium by individual bays, coves, harbors & areas.  Just because you see "open water" does not mean that a boat can be placed there. Our waters are considered "multi-use" areas; so in addition to boating and maintaining safe navigation, we consider public access, hunting, fishing, shellfishing, swimming, scenic "open space", and just about anything else you can use the waterfront for.  All waters in Massachusetts are considered "Waters of the Commonwealth", with all residents of the Commonwealth having the same privileges to use those waters.  So, as far as issuing mooring permits goes, just because you may be a Town resident and/or own a home on the water, you do not have any more of a priority over any other Commonwealth resident.

For those who are planning to apply to the Wait List, be aware that it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to tell you when your name may come to the top of the List, or which Wait List Areas are more likely to move faster than others, so please don't ask.  Generally speaking, most areas have at least a 3-5 year wait.  If an area has seen very little movement over the years or is essentially a "stagnant" List, you can tell by seeing how long the oldest applications have been on the List.  When applying for any area, please keep in mind public access points and how you will get to your boat.  You should also be aware that having a mooring does not automatically give you the right to leave a dinghy in the water or on the shoreline; so you will still have to consider how you will get out to your mooring.    

For those on the Wait List, you need to submit an annual Wait List Renewal Application and pay a fee to maintain your position on the List.  Eventually, we will contact you when there is an available spot in the area that you applied for that is sufficient for your boat and your name comes up to the top of the List.  Our online Wait List (see below), which gets updated about once a month, is the best way to determine where you are on the List - Calling or coming by does not change what's shown on the web site.  Also, be aware that cancellations and new mooring approvals usually do not happen until about mid-year, due to the processes involved.  Please be patient, your turn will come......


Pumpout Facilities - Shoreside & Boats

The Department has continuously worked on establishing & maintaining various pumpout facilites in Town since the early 1990's, and has been at the forefront of making proposals and applying for various grant monies since 1993.  We worked hand-in-hand with the State in design proposals and establishing criteria for funding pumpout facilities.  In 1994 we were awarded almost $75,000 through the Federal Clean Vessel Act, the highest award made in Massachusetts.  This money was used to purchase two pumpout boats and engineer new shoreside facilities at Kingman Marine (now Kingman Yacht Center) & Parker's Boat Yard.  The boats were delivered in early 1995, being the first in Massachusetts, and have removed tens of thousands of gallons of sewage annually since then.  The two shoreside facilities in Red Brook Harbor were funded through an additional CVA Grant award & completed in 1996.  Those, along with the shoreside facility at Taylor Point Marina, have also removed tens of thousands of gallons of sewage annually.  Originally envisioned as a 3 year grant program, the Clean Vessel Act funding continues to this day, helping to keep our waters clean and avaialable for shellfishing & swimming.

As previously mentioned, shoreside facilites for all boats in Town waters are available at Taylor Point Marina at Cohasset Narrows (Buzzards Bay) and Kingman Yacht Center & Parker's Boat Yard in Red Brook Harbor (Cataumet).  For boats that are in transit in other areas of Town, or for some reason can't make it to any of the shoreside facilities, we have two pumpout boats, one stationed north of Wings Neck and the other south of Wings Neck.  During the heart of the Summer, from about mid-June through August, attempts are made to have both boats manned 7 days a week from 9 AM to 5PM, weather permitting.  During other times of the boating season (May through mid-June & September through October) we still try to have at least one boat manned 8AM to 4PM on weekends and when possible (as manpower permits) on weekdays - It is usually best to schedule an appointment with the operator during this time of year.  Both boats can be reached via Marine VHF Radio Channel 9.  If you cannot reach them, they may be out of radio contact or otherwise indisposed.  If, after several attemps over a period of time, you are unable to contact anyone, try calling the Monument Beach Marina at 508-759-3105, which is where one of our pumpout boats is stationed, to try to schedule the pumpout service.  Please note that during the off season, before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, they may be busy with other duties, though we still try to provide full pumpout coverage on weekends.


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