Online Transactions


You have the ability to complete DNR transactions through our Online Transaction Portal noted below - Please continue to read through this page for important information.  By clicking the link below, a new tab/window will open to our Online Transaction Portal.  Please be aware of the following:

  • A Transaction Fee of 4.5% or $1.50 minimum will be included.
  • Transactions mailed will include a $1.50 postage & handling fee.  If you do not indicate that you want your transaction mailed, it will not be & will be held at our counter for pick-up.  When you come to the counter for a pick-up, if there is a line of people, let the employee know you're there for a pick-up.
  • Documents will need to be uploaded to the site for veification purposes.  These are the same documents we would need to see if you were standing at the counter.  You may take a picture of them or scan them, most common formats are acceptable.  Though the site refers to vehicle registrations at the upload box, any document may be uploaded using this.
  • Parking Permits: Vehicle registration is required. If your vehicle is leased or rented, you will also need a copy of the lease or rental agreement demonstrating that you are the person renting the car. If it is a company car, please provide a business card of your company or a supporting letter from the company that you are authorized for personal use of the vehicle. Replacement Stickers will only be issued when a photo of the scraped off sticker originally issued is shown, or suitable documentation that the sticker is destroyed & no longer in use. Parking Permit info (please pay attention to the Parking Permit Policy to understand which permits you may purchase): 
  • Shellfish Permits: Driver's License or similar official ID is required - Date of Birth must be shown. If that does not list your proper or Town address, the following showing your name and Bourne address may be used: Utility bills, copy of deed, rental agreement, or another legal document. Shellfish Permit info: 
  • Mooring Transactions: Generally, an application is required with payment, as well as supporting documentation. Please check the Mooring Documents section of our web site to review the FAQ, forms & instructions prior to completing a transaction on this site. Mooring info: 

 Questions regarding online transactions should be sent to Officer Sharon Hamilton.


Department of Natural Resources Online Transaction Portal

Additionally, the following transactions are handled through the Town Clerk & Town Collector,
respectively, and may be paid at the following links (click each):

When paying these you should have the citation/ticket or bill in front of you, so you can enter the proper required information in the online form.  For citations/tickets, be sure to note in one of the boxes the full citation/ticket number that is located in the upper right corner (for example, CI-ABC-1801000).