Police Facility Building Committee

Committee Membership

The Town Administrator's Police Facility Building Committee shall be composed of 8 members, who possess knowledge, experience or interest in engineering, construction, finance and modern law enforcement management. Included in the Committee membership shall be one member of the Board of Selectmen, one member of the Finance Committee, one member of the Capital Outlay Committee, and five members appointed at-large by the Town Administrator. The Town Administrator, the Chief of Police, and two members of the Police Department staff  shall serve as ex-officio members. They shall attend meetings of the Committee as required and requested by the full Committee.

Committee Charge

The Committee shall assist the Town Administrator on the construction of a modern Police Facility which with serve the Law Enforcement and Administrative needs of the Town. The Committee's work shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Assist town officials with the research and  evaluation of siting and actual construction of a municipal use Police Facility;
  2. Assist with the preparation of a financial analysis on proposed Police facility, including identification of current town needs to be served by the project, the long-term needs of said department, the design, engineering, construction and annual maintenance.
  3. Shall work with the Energy Advisory Committee to assure the cost of energy and potential for alternative energy savings is researched and implemented or selling of excess energy. All plans are to be forwarded to the Cape Light Compact for review.

The Committee will report to the Town Administrator on a monthly basis or as requested by the Town Administrator and to the Board of Selectmen at least a semi-annually. The Committee shall complete the charge as described above on or before December 2019 and shall provide a final report upon the completion of the construction of the Police Facility.

Committee Members

Name Title
Stanley Andrews Member At Large
William Meier Member At Large
Charles Noyes Member At Large
John E. O'Brien Capital Outlay Committee Member
John Redman Finance Committee Member
Richard F. White Alternate - Member At Large
Dennis Woodside Ex Officio - Chief of Police
Brandon M. Esip Ex Officio
Martin Greene At Large
Peter J. Meier Board of Selectmen Member
John Stowe Ex Officio
Donald E. Ellis Member At Large
George Sala DPW/ Facilities Director- Ex Officio