Recreation Authority

The Bourne Recreation Authority was created by Chapter 820 of the Acts of 1970. A 1971 amendment enabled the Authority to lease federal land from the US Army Corps of Engineers to construct recreational facilities. Subsequently, Chapter 311 of the Acts of 1973 authorized the Town of Bourne to borrow up to $1 million to acquire land and construct an ice-skating rink and other recreational facilities.

The Authority operates the John Gallo Ice Arena and Bourne Scenic Park. Since 1994, when the debt that was authorized by Chapter 311 and guaranteed by the Town of Bourne was paid off, the Authority has acted as an entity independent of the Town of Bourne. The Authority is governed by a five-member board of directors; one is appointed by the Governor, and four are elected by the voters of Bourne. Further, the Authority has a general manager who reports to the board and a treasurer who maintains Authority financial records. It is self-sufficient and does not receive any state funding.

Click Here for the official Act Relative to the Bourne Recreation Authority

Board Members

Name Title
Gregory A. Folino Chairman (2020)
W. Curt Duane Vice Chairman (2021)
John Coughlin Clerk (2022)
Jane Dumas-Otis Appointed by the Governor
George Sala Member (2021)