Road Acceptance Advisory Committee

This committee is tasked with assessing the ownership status of roads that are unaccepted, and therefore not maintained by the town. According to Bourne bylaw section 3.1.28, because repairs to these roads are not the responsibility of the town, the cost is the burden of abutters who own frontage along such roads. The committee develops policies that facilitate the accomplishment of such repairs. Once petitioned and approved by town meeting and the repair work is undertaken, betterments are assessed to each homeowner based on their linear frontage. 

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Timothy Lydon (508) 759-0600 EXT.1345

Committee Members

Name Title
Timothy Lydon (508) 759-0600 EXT 1345
Louis Gallo Planning Board Member (2021)
Paula L. McConnell At Large Member (2021)
Jennifer Copeland Town Planner- Assistant (2021)
Vacancy . At Large (2022)
Mary Jane Mastrangelo Board of Selectmen Member (2022)
Shawn Patterson DPW Director (2021)