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A new gateway for the Cape
bourne bridge

The Sagamore and Bourne bridges were built in 1933 and they changed the relationship between the Cape and the rest of Massachusetts. They allowed for cars to travel, enabling Cape residents to access jobs on the mainland while simultaneously launching a new tourism industry. Visit the US Army Corps of Engineers New England District Website to read more about the Cape Cod Canal History.

Today the bridges are nearly 90 years old and no longer meet the needs of the traveling public. The bridges must respond to today’s needs and expectations, which includes being brought up to modern/standard code, improving travel operations, and accommodating alternate modes of travel, such as biking and walking.

MassDOT Highway Division has started one of the most important transportation programs in the region: addressing the aging Sagamore and Bourne bridges and making improvements to the surrounding roadway networks. Please visit the MassDOT Cape Cod Bridges Program website for more information.  To contact MassDOT use email address:


5/17/23Public Info - Open House at Bourne Community Center (12-3 and 5-8 PM)5/17 Notice
3/29/23Public Info - SAGAMORE BRIDGE ONLY3/29 Notice
3/22/23Public Info - BOURNE BRIDGE ONLY3/22 Notice
1/24/23 & 1/26/23Public Info - Bourne - Cape Cod Canal Area Roadway Improvements 

1/24 meeting

1/26 meeting

11/15/22 & 11/17/22

Public Info - Cape Cod Bridges Program

Information Notice


6/29/21 & 6/30/21Public Info - Canal Area Transportation Improvement Program

6/29 Notice

6/30 Notice

6/29 Recording

6/30 Recording

Slides from both meetings

Army Corps of Engineers

Cape Cod Canal Bridges Major Rehab Study
Major Rehab Evaluation Report and Environmental Assessment (March 2020)
Memorandum of Understanding between the Army Corps and MassDOT regarding the bridges

Town of Bourne

Letter to Secretary Stephanie Pollack, Mass Department of Transportation

  • 8/12/2020 requesting a meeting with officials to discuss the project

Seismic Refraction Method

  • 12/2020 information on the method used in geophysical investigations to map out sub surface conditions