Selectmen Policy Sub-Committee


Over the years the Board of Selectmen have developed and implemented numerous policies. The existing procedure in place for the Board to review, evaluate, edit, and recommend changes in policies is cumbersome because it requires the full Board to do all these tasks. Further, the policies have never been codified. For these reasons the Board of Selectmen believe there is a need for a Policy Sub-Committee. . The sub-committee will review existing policies to determine which, if any, need to be modified, or in some cases, eliminate. The sub-committee will undertake the drafting, review, and editing of new policies proposed by the Board of Selectmen. The sub-committee will recommend a codification plan for existing polices.


The Board of Selectmen Policy Sub-Committee shall consist of up to three Select Board members appointed by the full Board to serve for up to a one-year term, expiring on June 30 of each calendar year.

Board Members