South Side Fire Station Feasibility and Design Building

The Committee serves as advisors to the Town Administrator and Bourne Board of Selectmen as it prepares the design, siting and feasibility of a new replacement fire/ems station on the south side of the Cape Cod Canal.

The South Side Fire Station Feasibility and Building Design Committee shall consist of up to seven meembers with a knowledge of or experience in engineering, construction, finance and/or fire/ems administration and construction management. Membership will also include one member of the Town of Bourne Board of Selectmen, appointed by its' membership. The Finance and Capital Outlay Committees shall select one of its' members to be recommended to the Town Administrator for appointment. The Town Administrator shall appoint up to four additional members with experience in areas depicted above. The Town Administrator and Fire Chief shall serve as an ex- officio members and shall attend meetings as may be required. The term of office is until the project feasibility and preliminary design is complete or until revoked.

Board Members

Name Title
Martin Greene
Galon Barlow Jr.
Carol Lynch Capital Outlay
William C. Towne Finance Committee
Peter J. Meier Board of Selectmen
Peter Lindberg
Shawn Petterson
David Cody ex- officio
William W. Meier
Anthony E. Schiavi ex-officio