Wastewater Facility Design and Building Committee

The Wastewater Facility Design and Building Committee consists of seven members with knowledge of, or experience in engineering, construction, finance and/or wastewater technologies and wastewater facility construction management.  Membership includes one member of the Town of Bourne Sewer Commissioners, one member of the Wastewater Advisory Committee, a member of the Finance Committee, a member of the Capital Outlay Committee and three members appointed by the Town Administrator with experience in at least one of the following areas:  Hydrology, civil engineering, project construction management and municipal finance. The Town Administrator serves as an ex-officio member. The term of office is until the project is complete or otherwise revoked.

The Committee serves as advisors to the Town Administrator and Bourne Board of Sewer Commissioners and oversees the final design, siting and construction of a 100,000 gpd facility within Buzzards Bay.

To carry out this objective, committee members:

  1. Review previous studies of wastewater management needs, recommended solutions, alternative methods of treatment and private/public funding strategies
  2. Formulate recommendations to the Board of Sewer Commissioners, Capital Outlay Committee, the Town Administrator and the Town Meeting including plans, locations, timelines and private/public funding strategies.

The Committee’s work shall include, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Reporting to the Town Administrator and the Board of Sewer Commissioners on Committee activities and projects and construction progress.
  2. Coordinating, when applicable, with the Energy Advisory committee, Board of Health, Police Facility Building Committee and Department of Public Works and Mass DOT.


Board Members

Name Title
Mary Jane Mastrangelo Chair- Capital Outlay
Anthony E. Schiavi Town Administrator
Peter J. Meier Board of Sewer Commissioners
Elmer Clegg Wastewater Committee
Judith K. Flynn Finance Committee
Nolan LeRoy Member At Large
William Meier Member At Large
Stanley Andrews Member At Large