Wastewater Advisory Subcommittee

The Charge to the Committee is to serve as an advisory committee to the Board of Sewer Commissioners as it reviews options for wastewater management for the Town with a near-term focus on assisting investors in expanding the wastewater management capacity for the Village of Buzzards Bay, Bourne's Downtown.

Staff Contacts

Wesley Ewell

Subcommittee Members

Name Title
Mary E. Andrews Member At Large (2017)
Elmer Clegg Planning Board (2017)
Judy Conron Finance Committee Representative (2017)
Terri Guarino Ex Officio
Nolan LeRoy Member At Large (2017)
William Grant Member At Large (2017)
Sallie Riggs BFDC representative (2017)
Katherine Zagzebski Commercial User (2016)
George G. Slade Board of Selectmen Representative
Stanley Andrews Board of Health Representative (2017)
Stephen Mealy Ex Officio