Natural Resources

Department of Natural Resources - DNR

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was established on April 3, 1972 when the duties of Conservation, Dog Officer, Fish and Game, Harbor Master, Herring Run Agent, Town Forest Management and Shellfish Constable were combined. This also created the position of Natural Resources Officer (NRO), who holds all titles associated with and is empowered to carry out and enforce all aspects associated with the DNR.  Being a Law Enforcement & Public Safety Department, primary duties are to enforce Federal, State and Town laws, bylaws, rules and regulations pertaining to animal control, boats, conservation, fish & game, herring, shellfish, waterways and wetlands; and to manage, protect, enhance, and educate the public regarding them.

Additional duties include assisting boaters in distress and responding to other maritime emergencies, maintaining Town navigational aids, operation of the Taylor Point, Monument Beach and Pocasset River Marinas, operation of the Pumpout Boat Program, maintaining the mooring registration system, maintaining the parking sticker system, maintaining the shellfish permit system, and the management and propagation of the shellfish beds. The DNR also assists and works with other Federal, State, County and Town agencies with law enforcement, public safety and emergency response, as needed.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
P. Sharon Hamilton Natural Resources Officer 508-759-0600 x.1310
John Thompson Natural Resources Officer 508-759-0600 x.1311
Emily Bacciocchi Marinas Manager 508-759-2512
Christopher Southwood Director 508-759-0600 x.1312
Todd Bailey Natural Resources Officer 508-759-0600 x.1311
Michael Corson Natural Resources Officer 508-759-0600 x1311