Roadway Traffic Safety Committee

6-16-2021 Amended 11.10.21

The Roadway Traffic Safety Committee is a committee formed by and appointed by the Board of Selectmen. This committee is a review and clearing house for all issues relating to the roadways and traffic or other related safety issues in the Town of Bourne.  To have a concern reviewed by the committee, please send an email including your contact information to the committee at .  Please include the following in your email:

  • Location of the traffic safety concern (please be specific)
  • The nature of your traffic safety concern
  • Any solutions that you believe would rectify your concern

The committee will review all concerns within the purview of this committee, and in some cases may require a traffic/safety study or analysis of the situation by additional internal or external stakeholders. After review, the committee will make a recommendation to the Town Administrator’s office or the Board of Selectmen as required.

The committee is made up of a member of the Police Department, Fire Department, Department of Public Works, Planning Board or Town Planner, Town Engineer, Select Board Member (ex officio non-voting) and 4 resident at-large members.  Appointments will be on an annual basis.


Board Members

Name Title
Coreen V. Moore Town Planner Member (2022)
David S. Cody Fire Chief (2022)
Timothy Lydon Town Engineer (2022)
John Stowe Police Department Lieutenant (2022)
Judith MacLeod Froman Board of Selectmen Member (2022)
Shawn Patterson DPW Director (2022)
Matt Smith At Large Member (2022)
Richard Libin At Large Member (2022)
Mandy Holway . At Large Member (2022)
Vacancy .