Finance / AP / AR

Director of Finance:

The Director of Finance serves as the chief financial officer of the town and is responsible for coordinating all financial information of the town. The Director of Finance oversees the offices of the Town Collector, Town Treasurer, Information Technology and Assessor’s Office.

Finance Department:

  • Processes and approves weekly vendor and payroll payments for all town and school departments. Vendor bills are verified that the charges are correct and the goods and services charged were ordered, delivered or rendered. Payroll sheets are verified for accuracy. A weekly warrant for payment is created and signed by the Town Administrator and Finance Director. The checks are then printed for distribution by the Town Treasurer. 
  • Maintains a complete set of accounting records for the town. Payments are posted against the budget for bills and payrolls and monthly reports on the balances of the appropriations are given to the corresponding departments. 
  • Records all grants and other special revenue funds available for expenditure and maintains reports on the balances and activities of those funds.  Has custody of all town contracts.
  • Maintains records of all cash receipts received by the town and prepares revenue reports.  Balances the outstanding accounts receivables to the Town Collector's detail records.  Reconciles cash balances to the Town Treasurer's records and bank statements. 
  • Keeps a detailed record of all debt authorized by town meetings. Maintains a complete debt ledger to monitor all outstanding debt classified by purpose, total debt for school purposes, amount excluded from levy limit, amount of annual payments due, and outstanding balances due along with a debt redemption schedule.
  • Prepares the state report Schedule A to analyze all receipts and expenditures of the town for submission to the State Department of Revenue and prepares a complete financial report for the Town Report.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael Ellis Town Accountant 508-759-0600 Ext.1315
Lisa Collett Account Clerk 508-759-0600 Ext.1319
Caroline Burke Assistant Town Accountant 508-759-0600 Ext.1317
Erica Flemming Finance Director