Bylaw Committee

The Bylaw Committee is created by Section 1.9 of the Town Bylaws. The Bylaws state that the Bylaw Committee shall consist of 7 voters of the Town. Its membership is made of up an appointment of one member from the Finance Committee; one member appointed from the Planning Board; and five members appointed at large by the Board of Selectmen. In addition, the Police Chief or the Chief’s designee serves as an ex-officio member for advise and counsel to the Bylaw Committee. The Police Chief or his designee shall be a non-voting member.

Members are appointed for a three year term. The terms are established so that they do not all expire at the same time. Members may be reappointed and they serve without compensation. Vacancies are filled in the same manner as the original appointment for the remainder of the vacant term. Once appointed the Committee elects a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Clerk from its members, usually at the first meeting in July of each calendar year.

According to the bylaws the Bylaw Committee periodically reviews existing Town Bylaws and presents any revisions and amendments that they may deem necessary to the Town Meeting for appropriate action.

The Bylaw Committee is also required to review all proposed bylaws in advance of presentation to the Town Meeting and make a recommendation to the Town Meeting prior to any vote being taken on the proposed bylaw.

The Bylaw Committee meets as necessary, meaning the committee does not have a regular scheduled meeting date but the committee does meet once every three months or more often if matters are presented to the committee that need to be acted upon.

The Bylaw Committee recently finished a complete review of the existing Bylaws and will be undertaking a new review probably in 2021.

Committee Members

Name Title
David T. Gay Member At Large (2021)
Dennis Woodside Ex Officio - Police Chief
Kathleen LeGacy Finance Committee (2022)
Elizabeth Brown Planning Board (2022)
Brandon M. Esip At Large (2021)
Aaron Tobey, Jr. At Largre (2021)
Franchesa Ferguson Member (2022)
George Sala At Large (2020)