Local Emergency Planning Committee

The Town of Bourne’s Local Emergency Planning Committee’s (LEPC) mission is to provide residents with an emergency response program for hazardous materials incidents, extreme weather, and other high impact events.  The LEPC fulfills this mission through the coordination between Town, state, businesses, institutions, and residents through mutual planning, information, and public outreach.

Committee Members

Name Title
Phil Goddard ISWM (2020)
Joseph Gordon Barnstable County Sheriff's Department (2020)
Samuel Haines Environmental (2020)
David Pelonzi Fire Department (2020)
John Pribilla Owners & Operators (2020)
Ann Marie Riley Bourne Friends of Council On Aging Food Pantry (2020)
John Stowe Police Department (2020)
Dennis Woodside Chief of Police (2020)
Terri Guarino, R.S., C.H.O. Board of Health (2020)
Jordan Geist Schools (2020)
Timothy Lydon Eng Tech (2020)
Christopher Southwood DNR (2020)
Vacancy . MMA
Vacancy . Council on Aging
George G. Slade, Jr. Board of Selectmen- Local Elected Official (2020)
George Sala DPW Director/ Sewer Insp (2020)
Charles Noyes Chair
David Cody