Finance Committee

Under state law every town, shall by bylaw, provide for the election or the appointment and duties of an appropriation, advisory or finance committee, who shall consider any or all municipal questions for the purpose of making reports or recommendations to the town.

In the Town of Bourne, the Finance Committee consists of 12 voters of the town appointed by the Moderator, none of whom hold any other town office. Town of Bourne employees, including school employees, shall not be eligible for appointment to, or service on, the Finance Committee.

Under the Town Charter it is the Board of Selectmen’s Budget that is presented to Town Meeting.  The Board of Selectmen must provide their budget to the Finance Committee for review no later than February 1 each year and over the next several months the Finance Committee meets with department heads and other staff and requests additional information to review the budget requests.  After reviewing the budget, the Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for recommended budget adjustments.

It is the duty of the Finance Committee to consider all matters of business included within the articles of the warrant for every Town Meeting. The Committee, after due consideration, reports to the Town Meeting with an explanation of each article and a recommendation on whether each article should be approved. At least 21 days before the Annual Town meeting the Finance Committee makes a report to the Town on its analysis and recommendations.

The Finance Committee also votes on transfers from the Reserve Fund to the Operating Budget for unexpected expenses that occur during the Fiscal Year.

The term of service for members of the is three years and members serve without pay for their services.

Committee Members

Name Title
Mary Jane Mastrangelo Chair (2021)
Michelle W. Ford Vice Chairman (2020)
Renee Gratis Vice Chairman (2020)
Richard Lavoie Member (2022)
Kathleen LeGacy Member (2020)
William Towne Member (2022)
Amanda Bongiovanni Member (2021)
George A Smith Member (2022)
James D Sullivan Member (2022)
Robert Wheeler Member (2020)
Judith K. Flynn Member (2021)
Aaron Tobey Member (2021)