Landfill Business Model Working Group

The Landfill Business Model Working Group is composed of four individuals, appointed on an annual basis, if required. Membership of the Working Group shall consist of one member each from the Board of Selectmen, Board of Health and Finance Working Group. There shall be one member of the working group who is a resident of the Town of Bourne appointed at large. The General Manager of ISWM, ISWM staff, and other municipal staff shall provide reasonable information as required to the Working Group. The working group shall serve as an advisory group and shall have no budgetary, expenditure or contractual authority.

The Working Group's work shall include, but no limited to the following:

  1. Assist town officials with the investigation, research, evaluation and recommend the potential of changing the current method of operations to a different business model;
  2. Conduct inital reviews of the intent for public/private partnenerships for multiple sources.
  3. Meet with local, regional or state officials as deemed necessary and appropriate to complete the review and other tasks required to provide thorough study.
  4. Assist with determining what regulatory changes, if any, may be required. Provide periodic reports to the Town Administrator and a quarterly basis report to the Board of Selectmen on Working Group activitities and projects.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Phil Goddard Manager of Facility Compliance & Technology Development 508-759-0600, extension 4241
Dan Barrett General Manager 508-759-0600, extension 4240
Asa Mintz Operations Manager 508-759-0600, extension 4243

Group Members

Name Title
Stanley Andrews Chairman (2020)
Robert Schofield Member (2020)
Amanda Bongiovanni Member (2020)
Shawn Patterson Member (2020)
Jared P. MacDonald Board of Selectmen Member