Commission On Disabilities

The Bourne Committee on Disabilities promotes the inclusion of its citizens with disabilities, supporting their independence and empowerment within the Town of Bourne. We function under our Town, the Massachusetts Office on Disability and ADA regulations.

Presently we have 7 active members who regularly attend monthly meetings, which are held at the Bourne Middle School. Guests are welcome to join our meetings and discuss needs and possible solutions to pertinent issues for the commission within the Bourne community. 

Mission Statement of the BCOD

The mission of the Commission on Disabilities is to serve the people of the town of Bourne by working under the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Architectural Access Board (AAB) 521 CMR Regulations, to ensure the enforcement of Title II and III of the ADA. The Commission will work with business and town officials, departments, and citizens in an advisory capacity to ensure compliance with the ADA, aiding in acquiring of accessible equipment or other accommodations that may be needed for the safety, health and welfare of our citizens.

Commission Members

Name Title
Nathan Carr Member (2022)
Victoria Carr Chair (2022)
David Pelonzi Co-Chairman (2023)
Lori E. Cooney Member (2022)
Marc Brunco Member (2024)
Patricia Ruggles Member (2023)
Patricia Morley Member (2022)
Patty Duffy-Krauspe Member (2023)
Kristin J. Weisker Member (2024)