Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Committee studys the needs, possibilities and resources of the town regarding community preservation. The committee consults with existing municipal boards, including the conservation commission, the historical commission, the planning board, the department of public works, and the housing authority, or persons acting in those capacities or performing like duties, in conducting such studies. The committee will hold atleast one annual public informational hearing on the needs, possibilities and resources of the town regarding community preservation possibilities and resources.

The Committee makes recommendations to the Town Meeting for the acquission, creation and preservation of open space, for the acquisition and preservation of historic resources, for the acquisiton, creation and preservation of land for recreational use, for the creation, preservation and support of community housing and for rehabilitaion or restoration of such open space, historic resources, land for recreational use and community housing that is required or created as provided. With respect to community housing, the community preservation committee shall recommend, where possible, the reuse of existing buildings or construction of new buildings on previously developed sites.

The committee consists of 9 voting members that includes a member from the Conservation Commission, Historical Commisssion, Planning Board, Recreation Committee, Housing Authority, and four members as designated by the Open Space Committee. The committee meets on an as needed basis.

Board Members

Name Title
Barry H. Johnson Chair
Richard Anderson
Frederic Bartholomew Housing Authority
Andrew Cooney
Daniel Doucette Planning Board
Melvin Peter Holmes Conservation Commission
Neil F. Langille Historical Commission
Penny Myers
George Sala Recreation