Energy Advisory Committee

The Selectmen's Energy Advisory Committee is composed of 5 members, appointed for a one year term, who possess knowledge, experience or interest in alternative forms of energy, such as solar, wind or tidal, etc.

The Committee shall assist the Board of Selectmen on the investigation, research and consideration of siting and utilizing alternative forms of energy for municipal purposes. 

The Committee's work shall include, but not be limited to the following: 

  1. Assist town officials with the investigation, research, evaluation and feasibility of siting and/or utilizing alternative forms of energy for municipal use; 
  2. Assist with the identification of municipally owned properties that may appropriately support the siting of alternative energy projects; 
  3. Assist with the preparation of a financial analysis on proposed alternative energy projects, including identification of current/future town departments to be served by the project(s), the energy needs of said departments, estimated cost of project construction, estimated cost of energy savings or selling of excess energy, and any other related financial issues. 

The Selectmen's Energy Committee reports to the Selectmen on a quarterly basis. At the end of a year, the Selectmen and the Committee consider the next steps needed to continue the process of integrating alternative energy into Bourne. 

Committee Members

Name Title
Janice Marks Clerk (2022)
Robert Schofield Vice Chair (2022)
Carl Georgeson - Chair 2022 Chair (2022)
Cheryl Keown Member (2022)