School Committee

Bourne Public Schools

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BPS is committed to connecting individuals to their growth potential; engaging the community in ways to facilitate student achievement; guarantee a relevant viable curriculum for student; and assuring universal accountability that supports the maximum academic potential and civic success of all students.


We are committed to fostering a community where each and every student of Bourne Public School graduates with the knowledge, habits and skills to collaborate effectively as our diverse society evolves. The Town of Bourne continually empowers students and staff to achieve personal goals and demonstrate life- long learning.

Committee Members

Name Title
Mitch McClain Vice Chair (2020)
Christopher Hyldburg Member (2021)
Steven P. Strojny Member (2020)
Erin Perry Member (2020)
Robert Duprey Member (2021)
Emily G. Berry Member (2022)
Maureen E. Fuller Member (2022)