Housing Partnership Committee

The Bourne Housing Partnership is a committee of seven members appointed by the Board of Selectman which serves as a liaison with affordable housing entities and reviews private sector and not for profit proposals for the development of affordable housing within the town. It serves to initiate affordable housing bylaws, advises the Town on affordable housing issues, and is a source of information on affordable housing matters. In addition, it has implemented financial programs to assist buyers of affordable homes, and serves as the Town’s monitoring agent in reviewing the initial sale and resale of affordable homes.

The Partnership traditionally shares staff and works “hand in hand” with the Bourne Affordable Housing Trust. It works closely with the Town Planner, the Planning Board, and the Bourne Housing Authority, as well as, the Cape Cod Commission, Housing Assistance Corporation, the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, and the United States Department of Agriculture. The Partnership is provided part-time staff support through the position of Affordable Housing Programs Administrator and a part time administrative assistant. Both positions are funded by the Community Preservation Committee’s support of the Partnership application for Housing Services funding.

Committee Members

Name Title
Susan Ross Member (2019)
Greg Wheeler Director Housing Authority
Coreen V. Moore Member (2020)
Al Hill Member (2020)
James J. Donoghue at large (2020)
Robert Frangieh Member (2020)
Vacancy .