Fiscal Year 2023 Property Record Cards

Welcome to the Town of Bourne Property Database search site. Before beginning your search, PLEASE refer to the following search tips:

1. Enter information. If multiple search fields are selected and only one field contains information that doesn't match, NO search results will be returned. Be certain that there are no characters entered in any search fields other than the ones from which you wish to search.

2. For HOUSE number, simply enter the number into the field ST NO 1.

3. For STREET names, simply enter the first three or four letters in the "LOCATION" field WITHOUT adding "Street" or "St", "Road " or "Rd", etc. If you misspell a complete street name or enter an extension that doesn't exactly match the database entry, your search will return NO results. IF you are certain of a street number, enter it in the "ST NO1" field, NOT in the location field.

4. By OWNER NAME, enter the first few letters of the LAST name and nothing else. You may receive multiple results, but you can then select from the returned list the record for which you are looking.

5. By MAP/BLOCK/PARCEL, enter Map Number under "Map" and Block under "Block" and Parcel Number under "Parcel" with NO leading zeroes. Please note - the Map is the only field that must contain 4 characters, a letter, hyphen and 2 digits. (Ex: A-01) Some documents refer to Maps and Parcels with leading zeroes, but the database does NOT contain them and will provide NO search results if they are included in your search criteria.

NOTE: When results are returned, depending on the resolution to which your computer is set, PROPERTY RECORD CARDS are in PDF file format and accessible by moving the scroll bar at the bottom of the search results page to the right. By clicking on the PDF/Adobe symbol, the Property Record Card will open in a new screen if your computer has Adobe Reader installed.

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