Barnstable County Dredge Advisory

The Barnstable County Dredge Advisory Committee is responsible for working with the following local Departments: Engineering, Conservation, Natural Resources, Public Works to maintain the existing harbors and channels in the community. This two-person committee attends meetings throughout the year at the Barnstable County Court House. Meetings are typically held at the beginning, middle and end of the dredging season, which begins in the fall.

Barnstable County is responsible for operating the dredge and deciding which towns will be put on the schedule for the upcoming season. The town is responsible for securing the necessary permits from the state to proceed with the dredging of the respective waterway. When the permitting is obtained from the appropriate state and federal agencies the town will inform the County and request to be placed on the schedule.

Dredging is typically accomplished during the winter months so that it won’t interfere with fish and shellfish habitat.

Board Members

Name Title
William Curt Duane Member (2020)
B. Paul Bushueff Jr. Alternate Member (2020)