Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals is governed by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40A. It is comprised of five regular members and three associate members.

They are empowered to hear and decide applications for Special Permits, Variances, and appeals of the decision of the Building Inspector. They are also the Special Permit granting authority for affordable housing projects under Chapter 40B.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Roger Laporte (508) 759-0600 Ext.1334

Board Members

Name Title
Lee M. Berger Chair (2017)
Harold Kalick Member (2018)
Wade M. Keene Member (2021)
John E. O'Brien Member (2015)
Timothy M. Sawyer Member (2019)
Amy B. Kullar Chair (2017)
Kat Brennan Associate Member (2017)
Debbie Bryant Associate Member (2017)