Gymnasium and Building Rules

  1. Open gym is for Bourne residents only. Open gym times are for that age group only. Participants must bring their own equipment. 
  2. Please sign the guest book ledgably upon entering the gym. Id’s will be randomly checked.
  3. Guns, knives or any object used as a weapon are strictly prohibited on Community Center/Town of Bourne property. Police will be notified.
  4. Do not use the three (3) exterior doors in the gym. Keep them closed. Do not prop them open.
  5. No food or drinks in the gym, except water. Tobacco products, prescription and/or illegal drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited on Town of Bourne property.
  6. No private coaching, organized team practices or drills are allowed during open gym times.
  7. No skateboards, bikes, or roller blades inside the building. 
  8. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times while inside the building (karate class on mats are an exception).
  9. No cursing or lewd behavior. No loud or profane music. 
  10. No animals are allowed in the building with the exception of trained and licensed service animals.
  11. Keep cell phone usage inside the building at a minimum and at a low volume.

Be advised: security cameras are installed inside and outside the building. They are on a 24/7 recording.