Schedule of Required Inspections

The following inspections are required on new construction

1. Foundation Inspection - Inspection should be called after foundation is damp-proofed. Foundation certification must be submitted to the Building Department in order to be issued a "Full" permit. Plan must show lot bounds.

2. Rough Electrical & Plumbing - Prior to any sheetrock or insulation.

Job Card must be posted at this point

3. Rough Frame - Structure must be completely weather-tight. Rough electrical and plumbing must be inspected and approved.

4. Insulation -  Prior to covering walls.

5. Throat - Fireplace

6. Final - Upon completion. When structure is ready for occupancy. Please try and notify the Inspection Department (1) week prior to the date the Occupancy Permit is needed.  This will allow to schedule necessary inspections as well as time to make corrections if necessary.