Sewer Commissioners

Bourne is a community that embraces change while respecting the rich heritage of the town and its villages. It is a municipality based on strong fiscal government with a durable economy that recognizes the rights of all citizens, respects the environment, especially the coastal areas of the community, embraces excellent education, and the amenities that it affords and offers to citizens a healthy, active lifestyle.

Bourne will maximize opportunities for the social and economic development while retaining an attractive, sustainable and secure coastline and environment for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. Through responsible and professional leadership and in partnership with others, Bourne will strive to improve the quality of life for all residents living and working in the larger community.
1: To improve the user-ability, organizational structure, and timely posting of the town website by January 2019.
2: To develop a town-wide unified economic growth plan by February 2019 with a five-year strategic implementation plan.
3: To implement financial software package for town services by May 2019.
4: To prioritize town policies for need and review by August 1, 2018, mapping out the timeline to address 10 policies by May 31, 2019.

5: To establish a multi-year financial and strategic plan involving Priority Based Budgeting and quarterly reporting with implementation by April 2019.


Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Peter J. Meier Chair (2019)
Judith MacLeod-Froman Vice Chair (2020)
James L. Potter Clerk (2021)
George G. Slade Selectman (2019)
Jared P. MacDonald Selectman (2021)
All Selectmen