Hurricane Evacuation Zones

Is your home in an evacuation zone?

Is your home or place of business in a evacuation zone?

Storm surge caused by hurricanes is the leading cause of deaths from tropical cyclones and hurricanes.  Storm surge is a large volume of ocean water that is driven ashore by a hurricane or tropical storm.  For Bourne residents living on the shore line you are already aware of your risk from storm surge.  Residents who live or work away from the shore are also at risk due to flooded roads and isolated areas caused by water driven inland by way of low lying marshlands and fresh water tributaries.

When a hurricane or tropical storm threatens Cape Cod and Bourne, residents may be advised to evacuate based upon what "evacuation zone" they are in.To learn what evacuation zone you are in you please go to the Mass. Emergency Management Agency's "Know Your Zone" web page and enter the address of your property.  For Bourne residents enter the address with street number, street name, and then "Bourne, Ma"  Do not enter the address using one of the villages name.  Example;  24 Perry Av, Bourne, Ma.  

Click on the following link to access the "Know Your Zone" webpage