Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency Notifications

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency Notification System
Get Emergency Information on Your Smartphone
Massachusetts Alerts is a new mobile communications app for alerting the public in emergencies and disasters. Through geofencing technology, Massachusetts Alerts enables the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) to send highly targeted, instant multimedia alerts to iPhone and Android devices to notify citizens about situations and events happening near them. The Massachusetts AlertsFREE mobile app is one way that MEMA sends emergency information and messages.

Massachusetts Alerts is a complementary notification tool with different features and is designed to supplement, not replace, these local notification systems. Certain messages such as severe weather alerts, amber alerts, and others may be sent via Massachusetts Alerts which may not be sent via local emergency notification systems. Also certain community specific information may be sent only by local notification system. Certain incidents may result in messages via both Massachusetts Alerts and local notification systems. In addition, Massachusetts Alerts currently only works on iPhones and Android smartphone devices while local notification systems may provide additional ways of receiving messages (email, landline phones, and calls to cell phones). Massachusetts Alerts app provides information to the smart phone based on where the phone is in the state, unlike local notification systems which typically only relate to the one community. MEMA encourages everyone to BOTH download the Massachusetts Alerts app AND to sign up for local notification systems (which can be done by contacting local public safety agencies).

To get more information or to sign up for the MEMA system go to MEMA Massachusetts Alerts